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Depths of Desire

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Wanton Desire

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Wanton Surrender

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Virgin Seeks Bad-Ass Boy

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XW2: His Carnal Need

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@ Changeling Press
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Top 10 Print Books

1. XW2: His Carnal Need
2. XW1: Initiation
3. Diamond Studs (anth)
4. Winter Studs (anth)
5. Undercovers (boxed set)
6. Finely Aged (anth)
7. XW3: Flames of Arousal
8. XW4: Ecstasy Bound
9. Wanton Temptation
10. Sins of Adaven

Top 10 Digital Books

1. Virgin Seeks Bad-Ass Boy
2. XW2: His Carnal Need
3. XW1: Initiation
4. Adam 483: Man or Machine?
5. XW3: Flames of Arousal
6. Falcon (MCC boxed set)
7. Stripped
8. One Naughty Winter Night
9. XW4: Ecstasy Bound
10. Young Stud


Personal Message from Ruth D. Kerce
Updated: December 7, 2014


My next release will be Her Winged Fate - the sequel to Her Winged Mates. It's a HOT FLASH short story from Changeling Press and will be released on December 19th. Click here for a brief excerpt.

The November/December issue of my Fanzine has been posted at:

Wanton Desire - the 3rd book in my Wanton western series is now available in print. You can order at B&N, Amazon, or at Ellora's Cave. Pre-orders taken at B&N and Amazon until the official release on December 1st. See the excerpt page for direct links.

Xylon Warriors V: Depths of Desire is now available at Ellora's Cave, Amazon and Kobo. So, go forth and order, my brave warriors! LOL

Remember, the XylonWarriors.com website is now live. Please visit and also please follow the warriors on Twitter at @XylonWarriors.


AllRomance eBooks Bestsellers

All of my self-published shorts have now been designated as Bestsellers at AllRomance Ebooks (look for the star). Check them out. Only 99¢ each.

Candy Valentine
Xmas Affair
Into the Storm
The Corset & The Cowboy
G-String Gentleman

My Ellora's Cave books that are AllRomance eBooks' bestsellers:
The Diamond Studs anthology, Xylon Warriors I: Initiation and Wanton Desire.

My Changeling Press books that are AllRomance eBooks' bestsellers:
Her Feral Pack, Hybrid 1: Savannah and Hybrid 2: Dox.
Most asked question:
What books are coming next?

* Infernal Night 3 - Raine's story
* Project: Shadow-Shift
* Hawke - An ancestor of Falcon

Progress on Hawke as of:
November 25, 2014

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