Depths of Desire

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New in Digital

Wanton Surrender

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XW4: Ecstasy Bound

New in Print

Virgin Seeks Bad-Ass Boy

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XW2: His Carnal Need

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Top 10 Print Books

1. XW2: His Carnal Need
2. XW1: Initiation
3. Diamond Studs (anth)
4. Winter Studs (anth)
5. Undercovers (boxed set)
6. Finely Aged (anth)
7. XW3: Flames of Arousal
8. XW4: Ecstasy Bound
9. Wanton Temptation
10. Sins of Adaven

Top 10 Digital Books

1. Virgin Seeks Bad-Ass Boy
2. XW2: His Carnal Need
3. XW1: Initiation
4. Adam 483: Man or Machine?
5. XW3: Flames of Arousal
6. Falcon (MCC boxed set)
7. Stripped
8. One Naughty Winter Night
9. XW4: Ecstasy Bound
10. Young Stud


Personal Message from Ruth D. Kerce
Updated: October 1, 2014



UPDATE - I have been informed that Xylon Warriors V: Depths of Desire will not release on October 8th as reported below. The release has been rescheduled for November 7th. Sorry, Readers.

     Xylon Warriors V: Depths of Desire will be released from Ellora's Cave on October 8th. Spread the news! Read the Prologue for FREE - click here.

Also the website is now live. Please visit and also please follow the warriors on Twitter at @XylonWarriors.


The September/October issue of my Fanzine has been posted at:

My "special project" is now available. It's a western contemporary novella, titled Falcon. The story is part of a 13 multi-author boxed set of novellas called Men of Calder County. All about the sexy men of Texas. Yee-haw! Read the first chapter of Falcon free!

Wanton Desire - the 3rd book in my Wanton western series will be available in print format soon. Watch this website for more information.


AllRomance eBooks Bestsellers

All of my self-published shorts have now been designated as Bestsellers at AllRomance Ebooks (look for the star). Check them out. Only 99¢ each.

Candy Valentine
Xmas Affair
Into the Storm
The Corset & The Cowboy
G-String Gentleman

My Ellora's Cave books that are AllRomance eBooks' bestsellers:
The Diamond Studs anthology, Xylon Warriors I: Initiation and Wanton Desire.

My Changeling Press books that are AllRomance eBooks' bestsellers:
Her Feral Pack, Hybrid 1: Savannah and Hybrid 2: Dox.

Most asked question:
What books are coming next?

* Infernal Night 3 - Raine's story
* Her Winged Fate - Her Winged (2)
* Hawke - An ancestor of Falcon

Progress on Hawke as of:
September 12, 2014

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